punch and judy and puppets for schools
punch and judy for schools

Punch & Judy for Schools

Professor Dill has a special presentation for schools, with a special regard to Key Stage 1 and Keystage 2 study topics. The Professor starts his presentation with a brief history of the Punch and Judy Show, where it came from, and how it came for the British to be such a fixture of the Victorian and Edwardian seaside experience.

After the talk the professor performs the traditional audience warm-up, in this case a sleight of hand magic show. Different objects appear and disappear at his fingertips much to the mirth and amazement of the children.

Finally the Punch and Judy puppet show is performed. It features all the traditional characters, Punch, Judy, Joey the clown, Toby the dog, and of course the crocodile who just can't control himself when it comes to sausages.

The entire presentation can be performed indoors or outdoors, lasts approximately 45 minutes, it is suitable for children of any age, and it is fully amplified.

Dear Gari, I wanted to write to send my huge thanks for today's performance. I can very confidently say that the children had a riot! The magic was spectacular and it was a real joy to watch them so enthused by such a traditional form of entertainment. They also learnt lots from your carefully pitched lesson on puppet shows through history. We will certainly be in touch when we get around to planning next year's Victorians/Toys topic. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a testimonial. Thanks again

Jon Brunskill, Head of Year 2, Reach Academy Feltham

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Keystage 1 & Keystage 2 Topics.

The history of Punch and Judy is a story dating back hundreds of years. Punch started off as a marionette or string puppet on the streets of London town, and gradually he shed his strings and moved to the seaside. The history of this British icon is a fascinating one and when coupled with a live puppet show is an informative as well as very entertaining hour.

The talks relate to the study of the seaside, the Victorians, exploring victorian pastimes, the Edwardians, the seaside holidays of the past, toys, historical toys and toy making and of course puppets and puppet making in general. The presentation is of great benefit to the educational curriculum using lots of fun to increase the children's appreciation of the topic

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Thanks again for a fantastic show. The children were buzzing, so I asked them what they would rather have : a Punch and Judy show or 45 minutes on their X-box, and I'm sure you will be as pleased, as I was, to hear they said - Punch and Judy! See you next year!
Stacy Shulmeyer, Year 2 Teacher, Cross in Hand School, East Sussex

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